Tony Gulley

Director of Recruiting

Meet Tony

Tony Gulley, a native of Moline, Illinois, calls The Nations neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee, his home. His journey in the world of sports and fitness began at the University of South Carolina, where he honed his expertise as the assistant strength and conditioning coach. This role marked the start of an impressive career in the fitness industry, laying a strong foundation for his professional pursuits.

After several years in the fitness industry, Tony embarked on an entrepreneurial path, establishing his own recruiting agency. His passion for helping people find their dream job drove the agency's success for over a decade, showcasing his knack for identifying exceptional talent.

Outside of his professional life, Tony is known for his love of culinary arts, particularly smoking meat, a hobby that he passionately pursues. He enjoys exploring new destinations and making memories while traveling with his wife, Rachel, and their beloved dog, Remy.