Meet Joel Newman

Originally from Southern California, Joel Newman relocated to East Tennessee in 2015 to study at Lee University in Cleveland. After graduating with his bachelor's degree in Pastoral Ministry in 2018, he built on years of prior experience as a barista in the specialty coffee industry and served at several shops in the Chattanooga market.

In 2020, Joel decided to switch fields and obtained his real estate license, infusing his skills with empathy and effective communication to assist clients on their property journey. He excelled in selling both single-family homes and short-term rental cabins, gaining valuable insights into this unique market segment.

In 2022, Joel founded Alchemy Chapel (instagram: @alchemychapel), a unique platform combining monthly community dinners and concerts. This venture allowed him to organize memorable concerts with an impressive lineup of artists, including Ellie Turner, Yaz Williams, Andy Squyres, Young Oceans, Joel Ansett, and Ben Strawn.

Continuing his real estate journey, Joel's love for Nashville led him to the dynamic neighborhood of East Nashville in 2023. His greatest joy is continuing to serve clients past and present (and meeting new ones), contributing to artists and guests through Alchemy Chapel, and immersing himself further in the city's rich culture and real estate landscape.